June 3, 2024

A new documentary film, “Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist”  (www.jesusthirstsfilm.com) will be showing nationwide and in area theatres June 4-6.  It features major Catholic leaders like Scott Hahn and Fr. Donald Calloway and discusses Eucharistic miracles and stories about how Eucharistic grace has sustained countless Catholics from all over the world.  If you have non-Catholic Christian friends who do not understand what (or Who) the Eucharist is, invite them!  Many Catholics fall into that category.  Of the 7 Sacraments, only the Eucharist is a Sacred Object (and Person), while the other Sacraments are sacred actions.  Let’s learn more about our Faith, because we have a divine duty to share it.  

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In Jesus, Mary & Joseph,
Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM                                     
Spiritual Director of Terra Sancta Ministries