June 11, 2024

Dear Friends,

We will not be open for the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua this Thursday, June 13, but you can still pray to him not only for lost items (“Tony, Tony, turn around, help me find what can’t be found!”) but also and more importantly, to grow to love God’s Word, which he so fervently preached, and to be formed into an authentic discipleship of holy Gospel living.

St. Joseph Chapel & the Shrine of the Immaculate Mary (400 South Blvd. W., Pontiac, MI 48341) will be CLOSED June 23-July 4 for summer break.

Future personal correspondence to me can, from now on, be sent this our soon-to-be future address:

Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM

St. Joseph Friary

400 South Blvd. W. (please remember to always write “West” or “W.” after 400 South Blvd.)

Pontiac, MI 48341

The docudrama, “Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist,” was a resounding success at the box office last week and “will return to theaters once again on June 18 and 19.   According to a June 7 news release, the documentary film, Jesus Thirsts, grossed $2,141,273 at the box office, ‘landing at #1 in per screen average for all three days’ that the movie was in theaters.” (Madalaine Elhabbal, CatholicVote Newsfeed, June 10, 2024)

To communicate with me, please DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL but email me directly at  [email protected] or call/text me at (313) 727-9784. St. Barnabas, pray for us today!

In Jesus, Mary & Joseph,
Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM                                     
Spiritual Director of Terra Sancta Ministries