Dear Friends,
All the following events will take place in St. Joseph Chapel (400 South Blvd. West, Pontiac, MI 48341).  The Third Monday Evening of Reparation will be this Monday, September 20.  A 7:00 pm Rosary will be followed by Holy Mass.  Come offer loving reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
On Friday, September 24 at 10:00 am Fr. Thanh Nguyen, LC will give a talk entitled, “Understanding Angels & Demons.”  This will give you a more profound grasp of the spiritual warfare all around us and thus equip us to discern God’s will more effectively.
Fr. Alex will continue “Teaching Tuesdays” on September 28.  A 7:00 pm Mass will be followed by a teaching on the roles of men and women in the Church and Biblical/Christian anthropology.  The teaching text is Presentation Ministries’ booklet, “Who Am I in Christ?”  It is free for those attending and $2.00 for those not attending or for extra copies.
“Teaching Tuesdays” next month will be October 12 and 19.  Fr. Alex will conduct a two-class Bible Study on Genesis 12-50.  (Genesis 1-11 was studied in 2019.)  We will use the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Commentary, Genesis, by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. We can provide the book for $15.00, or you may purchase it on your own.  The deadline for your payment is Monday, September 27.  The book will be available the first night of class. Please make check payable to “Terra Sancta Ministries” and mail it to Terra Sancta Ministries, 400 South Blvd. West, Pontiac, MI 48341 OR drop it off in person.  Please make it clear who the book(s) is for and provide a phone number for contact purposes.  Come learn about God’s unfolding plan of salvation!
To communicate with me, email me at or call/text me at (313) 727-9784. God bless you!
In Jesus, Mary & Joseph,
Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM
Spiritual Director of Terra Sancta Ministries